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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5779                      COMMUNITY NEWS
           is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
              For other such opportunities please contact               BIKE4CHAI
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               On August 14 and 15, Gavi and Chazzan Yitzy Spinner will
         IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS MOVING INTO THE       participate in Bike 4 Chai, a 180 mile cycling challenge to
         GREAT NECK AREA PLEASE LET THE OFFICE KNOW.         raise funds for Chai Lifeline in honor of Gavi’s upcoming Bar
                                                             Mitzvah. The finish line will be Camp Simcha, a
                                                             summer camp for children with cancer and other life-
         Hashkama Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by Raylene &   threatening  illnesses. Please donate to their page to help
         Andrew Adler in memory of his father Bernard Adler, z”l
         and by Pam & Jeff Bilfeld in memory of his mother             support this amazing organization. Thank you!
         Florence Bilfeld, z”l.
                                                             BIKUR CHOLIM
         GNS AUGUST CHESSED COLLECTION                       If you would like to volunteer to call, visit and/or deliver
         School Supplies, including crayons, markers, loose leafs,
         glue, scissors, paper, rulers, knapsacks etc. are being         homemade or store bought challah/dessert on behalf of
         collected to be donated to Oneg Shabbos. Please drop off   Bikur Cholim, please contact This is also
                                                             a great opportunity for bar and bat mitzvah chesed projects.
         at either the Wallenstein home, 3 Ridge Drive East, or the
         Berman home, 11 Margaret Court. Please place bags with   HATZOLAH IN GREAT NECK
         supplies in box at front door of these homes.       There is now a permanent Hatzolah ambulance in Great
                                                             Neck. If needed, please call 718.387.1750.
         MENDER AUDITORIUM                                   SIGN UP FOR A MEAL TRAIN
         A new Parochet is needed for the Aron Kodesh in the   These “Meal Baby” invitations are emailed out to a general
         Mender Auditorium. If you are interested in dedicating the   list and individuals sign up to be responsible for a meal. The
         Parochet, please contact Howard Wolf at either      meal can be prepared at home or provided by a store with
         516.643.3344 or 516.487.6100.                       acceptable hashgacha within our community. Although this
         SISTERHOOD MEETING AND ROSH HASHANAH                is usually done for a new baby, it is sometimes also done to
         CARDS FOR SALE                                      assist a family during a time of illness. If you want to check
         Please join us on Wednesday, September 4  at        that your name is on the list, please contact
         8:00pm for our Sisterhood monthly planning meeting. It
         will be held at the home of Judy Lillien, 35 Margaret Court.
         Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!
         Sisterhood is selling beautiful Rosh Hashanah cards
         designed by Celia Lemonik – they cost $18 for 10 cards or
         $2 each. For more information, contact Judy Lillien at
         (516) 487-6845.
         Sunday, September 8th at 1:00 pm: NY Jets vs
         Buffalo Bills: Tickets are $110 per seat and $90 for MC
         Sunday, September 22nd at 9:30 am: Fishing Trip at                        Saturday, 16 Av
         Inspiration Wharf in Port Washington. Cost is $65 for MC          Bonnie Diamond for Beatrice Brandeis
         members which includes brunch and equipment. $80 for                  Scott Danoff for Zita Danoff
         non MC members and $60 for children under age of 12.               Morris Hodkin for Elizabeth Hodkin
                                                                            Leo Mindick for Fannie Rubinstein
         PASS IT FORWARD FOR ROSH HASHANAH                                  Cheryl Sneag for Lawrence Sneag
         If you would like to organize or host a cooking/baking   Y            Henry Katz for Sonia Suskin
         event such as a bake-a-thon, kugel-a-thon, brisket             A    Belkis Nasser for Selma Suveke
         olympics, matzah ball party, etc., please contact Marla   H               Sunday, 17 Av
         Lemonik at The food you cook/             Janet Kashani for Sarah bat Yacob
         bake will be donated to GNS Pass It Forward for needy   R          Ori Pagovich for Benjamin Pagovich
         families to uplift their spirits for the holiday. Great fun for   Z       Tuesday, 19 Av
         adults, and potential chesed project for bar/bat mitzvahs.   E     Judith Traub for Rebecca Hechtkopf
                                                                                  Wednesday, 20 Av
         FREEZER SPACE NEEDED                                                  Paul Weinberg for Ise Klein
         Freezer space is needed to store food for needy families for   I   Rivka Rosenberg for Sara Zaharon
         Rosh Hashanah for GNS Pass It Forward. Please contact   T                 Thursday, 21 Av
         Cindy Hodkin at Thank you!                Jeff Bilfeld for Florence Bilfeld
                                                                                    Friday, 22 Av
         SHABBAT FOOD                                                      Lauren Abehsera for Eugene Stricker
         Friday drop-offs are continuing at 91 Baker Hill Rd before          Carl Rosenberg for Bluma Miller
         1:30 pm. Please place wrapped food in coolers on front      Ebrahim Gabbaizadeh for Shoshana bat Shlomo Gabbai
         porch.                                                          Ebrahim Gabbaizadeh for Dovid ben Meir
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