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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5779                      MAZAL TOVS & COMMUNITY NEWS
           is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
              For other such opportunities please contact               Mazal Tov to Farah & Issac Sachmechi on the birth of a
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               grandson born to their children Ariel & Jordan Cohen.
         IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS MOVING INTO THE       Mazal Tov to Maureen & Barry Magid on the Bar Mitzvah
                                                             of their son Michael.
         Hashkama Minyan Kiddush is sponsored by Hindi & Ben    Mazal Tov to Hindi & Ben Lunzer on the marriage of their
         Lunzer in honor of the marriage of their daughter Ariella   daughter Ariella to David Dachoh.
         to David Dachoh.                                    NSHA/NSHAHS SUMMER OUTING AND SOIREE
         15  ANNIVERSARY YEAR ROSH HASHANAH SCOPE            at Fresh Meadow Country Club - Monday, July 29, 2019
         DEADLINE AND SPONSORSHIP                            North Shore Hebrew Academy invites all to its 16th Annual
         We are celebrating our 15  year of publishing SCOPE               Summer Outing and Soirée honoring our outgoing High School
         magazine (45 issues!). Please submit all SCOPE magazine   PTA President, Pam Goldman, our outgoing Elementary School
         articles, recipes, photos, ads, sponsorships and any other     PTA President and current Board member Anita and Farzan
         material by today July 15  to Feel free to   Kashimallak and Julie Gross ’08 who will be receiving the Young
         include an anniversary message. Thank you very much to our   Alumni Award. Enjoy the magnificent Fresh Meadow Country
         SCOPE sponsors for their strong support this past year by   Club including its 18 hole Colt & Alison designed golf course and
         sponsoring 3 issues for a total cost of $100 for the year. If you   tennis tournaments and clinics on Har Tru courts. Join us for spa
         would like to continue to be a SCOPE sponsor, then it is not   services, separate men and women swimming hours, fitness
         necessary to contact the shul. If you no longer would like to be   classes, canasta and Mahjong, boutique shopping, all day
         a SCOPE sponsor please contact Mark Twersky by today July   gourmet BBQ, and an evening cocktail party and a lavish buffet
         15th to remove your name from the list. We hope others who   dinner. Register and view the full schedule and sponsorship
         are not currently SCOPE sponsors will request to have their   opportunities at
         names added. You can dedicate the sponsorship in honor or in   BIKE4CHAI
         memory of a loved one. Thank you so much!           On August 14 and 15, Gavi and Chazzan Yitzy Spinner will
         SUMMER SERIES PROGRAM                               participate in Bike 4 Chai, a 180 mile cycling challenge to raise
         Our next Summer Series Lecture will be with Sandra Rapoport   funds for Chai Lifeline in honor of Gavi’s upcoming Bar Mitzvah.
         on Tues. evening July 23rd at 7:00 pm. She will speak on   Please donate to their page to help support this amazing
         the topic of “A Biblical ‘Tale of Love and Darkness: Moses,       organization. Thank you!
         Zipporah and the incident at the Inn.” To dedicate a lecture,          Saturday, 17 Tammuz
         please contact the synagogue office at 516.487.6100.                Payman Rabiei for Pari bat Meyer
                                                                            Elena Berkowitz for David Fridman
                                                                               Leslie Kahn for Nathan Kahn
         Volunteers needed to chair the GNS August Chesed - School           Gitty Louzoun for Gilbert Louzoun
         Supply collection. Please email or                Malka Louzoun for Gilbert Louzoun
         contact Sharon Goldwyn at or                  Ethan Heisler for Gilbert Louzoun
         917.287.7334.                                                     Arthur Pomerantz for Ruth Pomerantz
         MEN’S CLUB EVENT                                                                                 Sunday, 18 Tammuz
         Sunday, September 8th at 1:00 pm: NY Jets vs Buffalo                Marc Gottlieb for Herman Gottlieb
         Bills: Tickets are $110 per seat and $90 for MC members.    A        Morris Nasser for Rafael Nasser
                                                                                 Monday, 19 Tammuz
         SHABBAT FOOD                                                         Dorothy Reiser for Mitsu Cohen
         Friday drop-offs are continuing at 91 Baker Hill Rd before 1:30   H   Asher Pirouzian for Ayoub Pirouzian
         pm. Please place wrapped food in coolers on front porch.             Susan Goldman for Oscar Ring
         BIKUR CHOLIM                                        R                   Tuesday, 20 Tammuz
         If you would like to volunteer to call, visit and/or deliver          Rose Weiss for Sabina Fajg
         homemade or store bought challah/dessert on behalf of Bikur   Z    Felix Glaubach for Baruch Glaubach
         Cholim, please contact Diane Rein at This        Charlene Milun for Sarah Israelite
                                                                              Leo Mindick for Sam Rubinstein
         is also a great opportunity for bar and bat mitzvah chesed   E       Murray Honig for Joan Scheiner
         projects.                                                             Wednesday, 21 Tammuz
         SIGN UP FOR A MEAL TRAIN                             I            Rabbi Stuart Grant for Ada Auerbach
         These “Meal Baby” invitations are emailed out to a general list    Steven Blumner for Malka bat Yehiel
         and individuals sign up to be responsible for a meal. The meal   T   Steven Blumner for Lillian Blumner
         can be prepared at home or provided by a store with                            Marc Gottlieb for Fanny Gottlieb
         acceptable hashgacha within our community.  Although this is        Richard Lillien for Llewellyn Lillien
         usually done for a new baby, it is sometimes also done to                  Ira Rosenberg for Gloria Rosenberg
         assist a family during a time of illness. If you want to check      Devorah Wang for Fay Saltzman
                                                                                Thursday, 22 Tammuz
         that your name is on the list, please contact                         Arlette Shaya for Vita Dayan                                                 Friday, 23 Tammuz
         CHAVERWEB                                                           Lauren Hyman for Murray Cohen
         Chaverweb is the most convenient place to view your                     Pauline Levy for Carrie Joseph
         account status, pay your bills and manage your online                 Lorraine Domnitch for Rosalind Mordkofsky
         profile. Accessible at with your account password.            Karen Wolff for Ida Tessler
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