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             Rabbi Polakoff’s shabbos drasha through 5779                      MAZAL TOVS & COMMUNITY NEWS
           is dedicated in memory of DOVID BEN NISSAN v’LEAH
              For other such opportunities please contact               Mazal Tov to Benjamin Shor, son of Joseph & Deborah
                      Howard Wolf 516-643-3344               Shor on his engagement to Nicole Dimaghi.
         IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO IS MOVING INTO THE       Mazal Tov to Joan & Henry Katz on the marriage of their
                                                             grandson Ethan Katz, son of Dina & Daniel Katz to Sara
         OFFICE HOURS FOR RABBI POLAKOFF                     Scheidlinger.
         Tuesdays 10:00-12:00; Thursdays 1:00-3:00. He can
         always be reached via cell 516.637.3674/    Mazal Tov to Anita & Hal Beretz and Rachel & Michael
                                                             Singer on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson Benjamin, son
         THANK YOU VERY MUCH                                 of Suzanne & Stuart Beretz.
         The Bikur Cholim of GNS is grateful for our amazing volunteers
         who generously delivered challah/dessert to about fourteen ill/  Mazal Tov to Ed & Brenda Parver on the birth of a
         homebound members of our shul for Shavuot. Thank you very   grandson, born to their children Rebecca & Eli Gamss.
         much Lida Esrail, Sara Feldschreiber, Rebbetzin Katie Lichter
         and Rebbetzin Ellen Polakoff. If you would like to volunteer to   Mazal Tov to Dina & Jonathan Ohebshalom on the
         call, visit and/or deliver homemade or store bought challah/  engagement of their daughter Jackie to Meir Lesches of
         dessert on behalf of Bikur Cholim, please contact Diane Rein   Crown Heights.
         at This is also a great opportunity for bar
         and bat mitzvah chesed projects.                    HAR TORAH GOLF CLASSIC
                                                             Enjoy a day of great golf, delicious and plentiful food and terrific
         GNS SHABBAT LUNCHEON & YOUTH BASH                   prizes on June 19th at North Shore Country Club. For more
         Join us on this Shabbat June 15th for a communal luncheon to  information, please contact Marc Yehaskel at
         hear Judge Ruchie Freier speak. Judge Freier is the first      or 646.623.5421.
         Chassidic woman to  elected to public office in NY. The cost of
         the luncheon is $40/person; $25/teen; $15/child and $136/  PARLOR MEETING FOR SOROKA MEDICAL CENTER IN
         family maximum. This Shabbat is also the Annual End of Year   ISRAEL                     th
         Youth Bash for grades 1-8. Pick up at GNS at 4:00 pm.   Please join us on Thursday evening, June 27  at 7:00 pm for
                                                             a Pastoral Counseling Initiative Parlor Meeting with special guest
         GRADUATION KIDDUSH                                  speaker, Professor Jochanan Peiser, Deputy Director General of
         The Great Neck Synagogue Congregational and Graduation    Soroka Medical Center.
         Kiddush will be on Shabbat June 22nd. Celebrate all your   This event will take place at the home of David and Diane Rein, 1
         smachot with us from births, bnei mitzvah, graduations,           Cove Lane. Sushi and wine will be served. Kindly RSVP to Amanda
         weddings and anniversaries. You can also commemorate a loved  Heisler at
         one’s yahrtzeit. Cost is $100/family.
                                                                                 Saturday, 12 Sivan
         PUAH BENEFIT BBQ                                                Judith Weinstein for Beatrice Eichenhorn
         Join us on Sunday June 23rd from 6-10 pm for a PUAH Benefit           Tom Furst for Harry Furst
         BBQ with Judd Memphis Kitchen at the home of Michal and              Gitty Louzoun for Anna Malek
         Brian Natanov, 47 Deepdale Drive. PUAH is devoted to helping      Howard Silberstein for Libie Silberstein
         the greater Jewish community fulfill their dreams of building a          Sunday, 13 Sivan
         healthy family. Experts in the World of Jewish Fertility: devoted
         to providing counseling, advocacy, halachic and medical                        Gloria Faizakoff for Philip Cohen
         expertise, supervision, research and education worldwide. We   Y   Zachary Dicker for Samuel Dicker
         hope to see you there! You can RSVP and/or make a donation          Celia Lemonik for Albert Dorner
         using this link: For   A   Mark Friedman for Irwin Friedman
         questions or to help sponsor the event call (718) 702-7491.       Tzipporah Gruber for William Mandell
                                                                             Elena Berkowitz for Frida Segev
         15  ANNIVERSARY YEAR ROSH HASHANAH SCOPE            H                Sonia Movsas for Leah Serlin
         DEADLINE AND SPONSORSHIP                                                 Monday, 14 Sivan
         We are celebrating our 15  year of publishing SCOPE magazine   R      Ilana Kroll for Stefa Hasson
         (45 issues!). Please submit all SCOPE magazine articles,                     Tuesday, 15 Sivan
         recipes, photos, ads, sponsorships and any other material by   Z      Mark Lubin for Robert Lubin
         July 15  to Diane Rein at                           Wednesday, 16 Sivan
         Feel free to include an anniversary message. Thank you very   E     Phil Hanfling for Esther Hanfling
         much to our SCOPE sponsors (we have about 70!) for their            Phil Hanfling for Feivul Hanfling
         strong support this past year by sponsoring 3 issues (Rosh   I          Thursday, 17 Sivan
         Hashanah, Chanukah and Pesach) for a total cost of $100 for        Rona Mittleman for Michael Haber
         the year. If you would like to continue to be a SCOPE sponsor,   T   Edmund Kessler for Lillie Kessler
         then it is not necessary to contact the shul. If you no longer       Ronald Braun for Leo Kloper
         would like to be a SCOPE sponsor please contact Mark Twersky       Pamela Toledano for Harold Kovar
         by Monday, July 15th to remove your name from the list. We
         hope others who are not currently SCOPE sponsors will request       Paul Brody for Sarah Weinstein
         to have their names added. You can dedicate the sponsorship in           Friday, 18 Sivan
         honor or in memory of a loved one. Thank you so much!           Rebekah Simhaee for Avinoam ben Chaim
                                                                           Steven Kashan for Monavar Kashan

         MEN’S CLUB EVENT                                                                                  Meier Stein for Zvi Mordechai Stein
         Sunday, September 8 at 1:00 pm we are selling tickets for         Judith Weinstein for Joseph Weisman
         the NY Jets vs Buffalo Bills, including bus transport: $140 per     Claire Behar for Lionel Winston
         seat and $120 for MC members.                                     Robert Zausmer for Morris Zausmer
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