Adult Education

Seymour & Sally Olshin Adult Education Institute

The Great Neck Synagogue prides itself on a constant schedule of shiurim, classes, lectures and book reviews designed to stimulate and promote Jewish awareness and education. We see this as being one of the prime functions of our Synagogue and encourage the broadest spectrum of participation by our members and the general
Jewish community.

Although the particulars of the program change from semester to semester, the basic format remains the same. Among its elements are: shabbat shiurim on Parshat HaShavuah and an afternoon Talmud class; weeknight intermediate and advanced Talmud shiurim, classes in Chumash and Talmud for women, and lectures on topics of current concerns for the Jewish community. In addition, there are Shabbatonim dedicated to our Scholar-in-Residence program in which a well-known scholar and academic addresses our Synagogue through several presentations on Shabbat.

We realize that there are many different levels of educational needs presented by our Synagogue family and we endeavor to provide classes, shiurim and lectures that meet that broad spectrum.