The Torah prohibits carrying outside of an enclosed, private area on shabbat. In addition, carrying for purposes not necessary is prohibited on other Jewish holidays. Nevertheless, the area enclosed and considered private may vary in size from a small home to an entire community. The Talmud specifies exactly how the enclosure is to be made and how to render the entire area a private domain. Specifically, fences, wires and posts are used to create an enclosure, and the entire area is leased from the governmental authorities by the community. This is the first step in completing an eiruv.

The Great Neck Eiruv, in existence since 1975, encircles a significant area of the Great Neck peninsula and is administered by the Eiruv Association of Great Neck, an independent tax-exempt organization.  Within the boundaries of the Eiruv it is permissible to carry, subject to certain limitations, on Shabbat and to carry unnecessary items on Yom Tov, providing that they are not muktzeh.  The Eiruv is most helpful to families with young children who are permitted to wheel carriages or strollers within its boundaries.  Also, wheelchairs, crutches and canes may be used if necessary.

Below please find the map showing the current boundaries of the Eiruv, as well as a detailed description of the boundaries of the  Eiruv.

The Boundaries of the Eiruv

It is permitted to carry only within these boundaries. Therefore, generally speaking, the boundary streets are to be considered outside the Eiruv. Anyone living on these streets should consult us. This description also indicates where in a number of cases it is permitted to carry on certain boundary streets. We ask you please to be careful to carry only within the borders we have established. Swimming pools and tennis courts are to be considered off-limits.

Detailed Description

Counter-clockwise From Bottom-Center:

  1. Beginning with the intersection of Middle Neck Rd. and Northern Blvd., the Eiruv  continues east on Northern Blvd.
  2. At the corner of Northern Blvd. and East Shore Rd. the Eiruv heads north up East Shore Rd.
  3. At the corner of East Shore Rd. and Hicks Ln., the Eiruv continues on East Shore Rd. into Kings Point.
  4. The Eiruv continues along East Shore Rd. to Wildwood Rd.
  5. The Eiruv then continues along Wildwood Rd. to the NSHA property. The Eiruv includes the property entirely and continues along Split Rock Dr.
  6. The Eiruv continues using Split Rock Dr. to Kings Point Rd.
  7. The Eiruv runs southwest on Kings Point Rd. to Stepping Stone Ln.
  8. The Eiruv then uses Stepping Stone Ln. to Steamboat Rd.
  9. The Eiruv utilizes structures around Grenwolde Dr. to transfer to Sinclair Dr.
  10. The Eiruv runs around Sinclair drive to West Shore Rd.
  11. The Eiruv runs down West Shore Rd. to Cove Ln.
  12. The Eiruv utilizes structures from Cove Ln. to Shore Cliff Pl. and then continues from Shore Cliff Pl. to the Great Neck Estates Park to Shore Dr.
  13. The Eiruv runs from shore drive to Juniper Dr. and then utilizes wires to run to Pond Park where it continues to Mirrielees Circle.
  14. The Eiruv then transfers to structures along the train track transferring to Water Mill Ln.
  15. The Eiruv continues from Water Mill Ln. using various structures to Northern Blvd.
  16. The Eiruv then runs east along Northern Blvd to the starting point located at the intersection of Middle Neck Rd. and northern Blvd.

General Eiruv Rules

All border streets are to be assumed out of the Eiruv. If you need to be walking near these streets please email Rabbi Rubin at for further details.

  1. All of Kings Point Rd., south of Split Rock IS IN the Eiruv.
  2. Stepping stone park IS NOT in the Eiruv.
  3. Great Neck Estates park is in the Eiruv. However the PARKING LOT and WALKWAY ALONG THE PARKING LOT are NOT IN THE EIRUV. Therefore the park and playground MUST be approached using the pathway entrance at the right of the front gate and to reach the playground, continue along the path along the basketball and tennis courts.
  4. Kennilworth is NOT in the Eiruv.
  5. The following Eiruv extensions are privately maintained and should not be assumed up without confirmation, in addition they do not cover the entirety of these roads:
    1. Harbour Rd.
    2. Foxwood Rd.
    3. Sunset Rd.
    4. Cove Ln.
    5. Chabad of Lake Success