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May 27, 2024 | י״ט באייר ה׳תשפ״ד

Great Neck Synagogue

An Orthodox Long Island Synagogue


The Torah is the eternal word of God that has been the cornerstone of Jewish existence for thousands of years. Its enduring legacy has guided the Jewish people through unprecedented hardships and challenges, and has remained a resilient force of inspiration. The ever-evolving Torah way of life is a testament to the strength and determination of the Jewish people, and serves as a shining example of the transformative power of faith, tradition, and community. The perseverance of the Jewish people, even in the face of adversity, is a source of great inspiration, and a reminder that with steadfast dedication to our beliefs, we can overcome any obstacle. Let us continue to draw strength from the Torah and its teachings, and strive towards a brighter future with unwavering faith.


The pursuit of Torah learning is a journey filled with wonder and excitement, where every step holds opportunities for growth and enlightenment. It is a path that shapes both our intellect and our souls, and allows us to deepen our connection with Hashem. Although it requires effort and dedication, the rewards of Torah study are immeasurable. With every new insight, we gain moral clarity and chart a course of uprightness in all areas of life. The Torah is an endless source of inspiration, offering boundless opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Through our various classes and shirim, the Great Neck Synagogue is ready to walk with you on this path of discovery. Allow the wisdom of the Torah to guide you towards a life of purpose and meaning, and journey towards your fullest potential.


Being part of the tightly knit Great neck Synagogue community is a source of immense strength and support. It offers a sense of belonging, shared values, and a network of caring individuals. In this communal tapestry, we celebrate holidays, study together, provide assistance in times of need, and nurture a vibrant Jewish identity that spans generations, fostering a deep sense of unity, belonging, and continuity.

Davening Times

THIS WEEK (May 19-24)
  • Sun 7:30/8:30AM
  • Mon 6:35/7:45AM
  • Tues  6:45/7:45AM
  • Wed  6:45/7:45AM
  • Thurs 6:35/7:45AM
  • Fri 6:45/7:45AM
  • Candle Lighting 7:56PM
  • Mincha 7:00PM
  • Weekday Mincha 8:00PM


Upcoming Events

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