Synagogue Funds

Thank you for considering making a donation to one of the many worthy funds that have been established for specific purposes over the years. Please take a look at the section above to learn more about the various funds and to see which cause is the most important to you.

The Feinerman Family has established the Aaron S. Feinerman Library Fund which is located in the Youth Center. Aaron Feinerman was one of the early members of the Great Neck Synagogue and learning Torah and teaching children was a very important part of his life. The library is filled with many of Aaron Feinerman’s personal Seforim. Donations from the community to the Aaron S. Feinerman Library Fund are requested in order to keep the library filled with current material to be used by the synagogue’s members and their children for generations.

This Fund is dedicated in memory of Florence Shaffer, a long time Recording Secretary of the Synagogue and a leader of the Sisterhood. This Fund is managed by Sisterhood and provides need-based financial assistance to college women.

This Fund has been established for two purposes. To create a memorial to the Holocaust and the survivors as well as to allow families an opportunity to memorialize a family, relative, or village that was sacrificed in the Shoah.

The Iser Mermelstein Bikur Cholim Fund was established by the Lunzer family in memory of Hindi Lunzer’s father, Iser Mermelstein, to provide assistance in times of illness for our community in Great Neck. Iser Mermelstein lived a life of N’aase V’Nishma – to say yes and then figure out how to do what needed to be done. His Kavod Habriot (respect for Hashem’s creations) coupled with his deeply ingrained sense of chesed and kehilla (community) makes the establishment of this Fund a fitting tribute to his memory.

*Distributed at the discretion of the Bikur Cholim of Great Neck.

Jack Herschkowitz was a longstanding Gabbai of Great Neck Synagogue who began this Fund to offer assistance to people in need. At a Board of Trustees meeting, the Fund was renamed in his memory as a tribute to the tzedakah and chesed he performed. Donations to the Emergency Fund are under the private control of the Rabbi. Funds are disbursed to provide assistance to individuals and institutions both in our community and in Israel.

Donations to the Library Fund are used to purchase books to supplement the Synagogue’s library, which is open to all members.

The Mac Mender Youth Fund is dedicated in memory of Mac Mender, former Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Donations to the Youth Fund assist the Youth Department in furthering its programs.

The Muriel Braun Music Fund was dedicated in memory of Muriel Braun, an active member of the Synagogue Choir and Sisterhood.

Donations to the Prayer Book Fund are used to purchase Siddurim, Chumashim, and Machzorim for the High Holy Days for use in the Main Sanctuary and Beit Midrash.

The Adult Education program at Great Neck Synagogue has been named the Sally & Seymour Olshin Adult Education Institute in recognition of the support and generosity of the Olshin Family, and in memory of Seymour Olshin and his commitment to education and outreach to all Jews. Donations to this Institute are used to further its Jewish educational goals.

A recent initiative by the congregation saw the creation of the Shiva Chesed Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to serve as a central accountable location for donations to provide food for a member family during the week of shiva. Donations are collected either at or subsequent to the funeral by designated shiva captains and brought in to the office. The cost of meals provided to the shiva home is paid through this Fund. The Fund is governed in such a way so that expenses for any particular shiva home are balanced by donations received. If donations exceed expenses the balance is retained in the Fund to be used to assist other families.

Donations to the Mitzvah Fund supplement the Sisterhood’s annual budget and support a wide range of Synagogue physical and financial needs. Donations to this Fund are also used to provide shiva meals, welcome packages and new baby gifts to our members.

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