Youth Department

We have something for everyone!

Great Neck Synagogue Youth Department does all it can to ensure that Judaism will live on for future generations, while at the same time providing entertaining and pleasurable activities for its youth in a Torah environment.

The Youth Department staff is composed of dedicated teenagers as well as trained professionals for our youngest participants, under the talented and dedicated leadership of our Youth Directors Dr. Mike and Morah Zehava.

The Youth Department sponsors trips to basketball games, amusement parks, arcades and ski areas. Weekly events include a basketball league, gym nights and a soccer program.

Youth groups begin at 9:00 am for children ages three to thirteen followed by a Kiddush of juice, pretzels, cookies or ice cream. Weekly attendance on Shabbat mornings is in excess of 175 children. However, groups are kept small and the youth leaders make sure that all the children are given a chance to participate.

In all of the programs, our most important goal is to make sure that each child feels a sense of belonging not only to the group, but to the larger Jewish community.

For particulars of schedule and locations of youth groups, please see Youth links on this website.

Shabbat Morning Programs

Friday Night Services and Saturday Seudat Shlishit

There are chldren’s programming and baby sitting services available.