Community Security Service (CSS)

To join the CSS team contact Phil Berman () or Jim Frisch (), or click here to sign up.

As you may or may not know, there is a team of fellow congregants that have volunteered for the Community Security Service (CSS) at Great Neck Synagogue since 2022. CSS is a national nonprofit organization that works with synagogues and Jewish institutions to train congregants to play a critical role in keeping our families and communities safe. CSS was founded in 2007 and has trained over 6,000 volunteers in 15 states, representing the rich diversity of the American Jewish community.

Security volunteers play a crucial role in implementing and enforcing security plans, including access control, monitoring suspicious activity, ensuring all congregants follow safety protocols, and responding to security threats that may arise. We are responsible for our own protection.

This is why some of our congregants have joined CSS as security volunteers, and it’s why you are being asked today to join. The threats against our community are persistent, and security volunteers are at the frontline of detecting, deterring, and interrupting potentially deadly attacks on Jews. 

CSS volunteers have access to:

  • World-class security training
  • A robust volunteer security team at your synagogue
  • A large network of trained security volunteers in your region
  • Professional staff and an advisory council with the former head of the US Secret Service
  • Regular intelligence briefings and continuing education opportunities

The CSS team works closely with our security professionals to be additional ‘eyes and ears’ and to act as a deterrent to anyone who may have bad intent. Our training focuses on identifying threats and giving us a heightened awareness of things that may appear just a bit out of place or do not fit quite right with the environment.

You may have noticed that the CSS team wears earpieces Shabbat morning. With Rabbinical approval these earpieces are attached to radios. These radios connect us to one another, connect us to the professional security team, and connect us to the public address system in the building in case of an emergency.

There is a need to continue building our volunteer network during this unprecedented time. Please join us– the time to stand up and protect our community has never been easier, or more critical. In light of recent events it is painfully clear that things can change in an instant. We must be vigilant. To join the CSS team contact Phil Berman () or Jim Frisch (), or click here to sign up.


The third CSS Annual Training Retreat recently concluded with over 75 leading CSS volunteers from around the country. A reporter from the Jewish Telegraph Agency was provided exclusive access to report on the seminar. The story also appeared in several other outlets including The Jerusalem Post and The Times of Israel. To read the report, click here.